Radiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis, Elderenweg 46, Millen, 3770 Riemst, Limburg, Belgium
Radiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis 
Elderenweg 46, Millen, 3770 Riemst, Limburg, Belgium
 Phone: +32 12 458541
 Innkeeper: Mirjam and Stephan Coumans
 Website: http://stralingsvrijebenb.vpweb.be
 Rates per room start from: 35 EUR
 Breakfast type: organic breakfast
 Breakfast time: 08:30
 Breakfast is served: in the dining room
Radiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis is a real oasis for people looking for a healthy environment during their holidays. The beautiful house is located in the borough of Millen in Riemst close to Maastricht and Tongeren. Radiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis uses green electricity, provided by wind mills. There are no wireless telephones, internet and other digitally enhanced cordless telecommunications. The house boasts nice healing gardens with two outdoor solar powered showers. It offers one room suitable for two adults and a child with bathroom. Radiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis has free off-street locked parking and a cosy living room with TV set.
Radiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis, Elderenweg 46, Millen, 3770 Riemst, Limburg, BelgiumRadiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis, Elderenweg 46, Millen, 3770 Riemst, Limburg, BelgiumRadiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis, Elderenweg 46, Millen, 3770 Riemst, Limburg, BelgiumRadiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis, Elderenweg 46, Millen, 3770 Riemst, Limburg, BelgiumRadiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis, Elderenweg 46, Millen, 3770 Riemst, Limburg, BelgiumRadiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis, Elderenweg 46, Millen, 3770 Riemst, Limburg, BelgiumRadiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis, Elderenweg 46, Millen, 3770 Riemst, Limburg, BelgiumRadiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis, Elderenweg 46, Millen, 3770 Riemst, Limburg, Belgium
General amenities
 common dining room
 summer garden
 summer terrace/patio
 PC and internet point
 quiet/board games
 guests' lounge
 pets are admitted
 pets living on premises
 entirely non-smoking
 children are welcome
 wheelchair accessible
 laundry/washing services
 ironing services
 bicycle shed/garage
 off-street parking
 quiet surroundings
Room amenities
 tea and coffee making facilities
 private bathroom
Nearby amenities/activities
 historic sites
 cultural events
 fine dining
Payment types
Location map
An interview with the innkeeper(s) of Radiation-Free Bed & Breakfast Oasis (12th of November 2009)
What is(are) your name(s)?
Mirjam Coumans
For how long have you been running a B&B?
For 1 year
Please share something about the history of your present bed and breakfast.
The history of the stones of this English cottage is very interesting. The stones have been recycled twice. They used to be in a farmhouse that was built in square form with a court in the middle, like there are 13 in our village. Then from those stones they built two houses next to each other with two curved cellars. Somewhere in 1800 they were built with inner walls of limestone (marrow, chalk stone) and outer walls of bricks, baked in Membruggen, one village further.
What are the unique characteristics of your B&B?
The house is very well insulated against heat and cold, because it's inner walls are very thick marrow blocks, with air holes, then there is a layer of air and then there are the bricks outside. If you are traumatized or stressed, the gardens help you get over it, on top of the fact that there is no radiation. We have no wireless devices, though you may use your own mobile phone. You can use our phone with wire if you want, because we have a specified bill and you can use our Internet connections.
Based on your guests' opinions, what feature of your B&B has made their stay special?
The breakfast with biological products on antique Wedgewood plates and drinking juice out of crystal glasses.
Please describe in short your bed and breakfast and its general services and amenities.
Guests may use the dining room or one of the terraces or lawns in the gardens to have breakfast in the shadow or in the sun. They may use the study for making telephone calls and using Internet and the living to watch digital tv or read a book from our English-language library. There are also games like chess and the co-operative game Spacetravellers. We also offer airport service from Maastricht-Aachen airport and baby-sit service.
How many rooms are offered at your B&B and what is its maximum capacity?
One room for two adults and one child.
What kinds of rooms do you offer?
The Sunrise room, with a dolphin theme, just as the bath and shower. The cosy bed is very comfortable, from the brand Auping and the bed for the child is very safe.
Please describe the in-room facilities for each type of room in your B&B.
It has an electric kettle and tea, coffee, sugar and milk and you can see the sun rise in the morning. There is heating, and air conditioning is not necessary, because the room is situated on the North-east corner of our house and it is very well insulated. I do your laundry (with Indian washing nuts from Biona.tv) and ironing (on windpower) for you against a small fee. The bathroom has a sink, a toilet, a bath and a shower.
Which room is your personal favorite?
The Sunrise room, because there is a nice sunrise painted on the wall, with dolphins in the red light of it and shells on the fireplace. On one of the walls is a music pipes hanger with dolphins. There is also a bowl with Christmas lights in it, which give the room a festive atmosphere. Instead of a bible there is the book: The laws of life, by Benjamin Creme on the nightstand, who is giving talks about Maitreya the World Teacher.
What do the room rates include?
35 Euro per adult per night, including a royal breakfast, Internet use, tax, insurance and safe parking, even for your horse trailer. For more then 3 nights you get 5 Euro off the price and for a one-night stay there is a 5 Euro fee. Single use of the room costs 25 Euro extra and a child stays for 20 Euro. A horse stays for 30 Euro a night in stables with rubber mats and automatic water taps, including food a few meals further.
Do you offer any special packages?
Wellness/fitness package: 6 days stay including 3 times in the infrared fitness Infraligne for ladies down the street. There is a sauna a few miles further and an indoor swimming pool with outside meadows down the street. The sauna and swimming pool give you a discount if you are a client of ours and the package costs you 20 Euro per night per adult.
What may guests expect from a typical breakfast at your property?
You will have biological fruit juice, water, coffee and tea to drink. You will have a fresh biological fruit salad, eco pancakes, bread and muesli with milk or yogurt to eat. On your toast or bread you can put biological Dutch peanut butter, apple syrup from Vrolingen, honey or jelly from our village and many other things. You can choose between a fried, boiled or scrambled egg, from chickens that have been treated and fed well.
When and where is breakfast served?
In the dining room downstairs, or we can make a breakfast-to-go if you want to visit the Antique market in Tongeren before 8.30 am at the time you choose.
Are dietary needs accommodated?
At prior request we can cater for any dietary requirements, veganists or vegetarians.
Do you serve other meals?
We can order you a dinner from an excellent catering service in Riemst that you may eat in our dining room or gardens. We serve lunch or make you a lunch-to-go at prior request.
Are there cooking facilities, which guests may use?
You can heat water for tea or coffee in your room. No cooking facilities for guests inside our house are available, but you can use our tent and cooking facilities in the gardens
Is your bed and breakfast suitable for children?
Yes, very much so, there are cuddling rabbits in the gardens and lots of toys and games. There is a park/box for the very small ones and a Sanigenic diaper bin in the bathroom.
Do you accept pets?
Yes, we love all kinds of pets.
What is your smoking policy?
Our house is non-smoking, since I have problems with my lungs, for the gardens we can make an exception.
Is there a parking facility on premises or nearby?
Yes, you can park your camper, truck, boat- or horse trailer on our driveway behind the locked gate. A (motor) cycle with trailer for surfboard or luggage goes in our garage.
Is your B&B suitable for disabled guests?
Yes, we will rebuild the living to a sunrise room, there is a bathroom on the ground floor and solar showers outside. Every part of our ground floor is accessible for wheel chairs.
What safety precautions are provided at your B&B?
There are optical smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and in the kitchen there is also a fire blanket. We have safety lights and a map from the house to show you the four exits. Our Objective Liability Insurance for B & B's is managed by Christoffels & Christoffels in Bilzen. An official check of our heating system is executed every six months.
What is your check-in/check-out policy?
Flexible at prior request.
Are there a minimum number of nights for staying at your B&B?
No minimum number of nights.
How can guests check availability and make a reservation?
Send us an e-mail or call us (preferred: +32 12 45 85 41).
What is you cancellation policy?
Prepayments need to be 30% of the total price per bank. When you leave we will deduct it from the bill, which you can only pay cash, or with cheques from the Belgian Vlaanderen Vakantieland. When you cancel late, the prepayment will not be returned to you, but in some cases it is possible to get a cheque for a stay in the future instead, which only you may use and is valid for maxi. one year.
What types of payment do you accept?
Cash, there are a money machines in Riemst, a few miles further.
Is there a special etiquette that guests should know about and comply with?
No yelling and no hitting or kicking.
Please tell us what things guests might enjoy visiting, seeing, doing, etc. in your area.
Where is your B&B located and how it may be reached?
What would you say to people who have never stayed in a bed and breakfast?
You can have a romantic breakfast, just the two of you, that is standard procedure.
Is there something more that you want to share about your property?
Your hostess is a translator and teacher in French, Dutch and English and your host is a civil engineer. We both love children, adults and pets.
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