Fundo El Retorno Bed & Breakfast, Kilometro 138 Panamericana Sur, San Luis de Canete, Lima, Peru
Fundo El Retorno Bed & Breakfast 
Kilometro 138 Panamericana Sur, San Luis de Canete, Lima, Peru
 Phone: +511 994049182
 Innkeeper: Antenor and Mariella Chocano
 Breakfast time: 08:00 - 10:00
 Breakfast is served: in the dining room or in the garden
Fundo El Retorno offers unique bed and breakfast experience in close contact with the stunning intact nature of Peru. Located 138 km from Lima in San Luis de Canete, Fundo El Retorn is a working farm where guests of more adventurous character who love nature will enjoy an amazing holiday. The bed and breakfast has 4 en-suite bedrooms and a lounge. It is designed in traditional local style that provides comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The proprietors offer a 3 days holiday package, which includes transport from the airport of Lima to Fundo El Retorno and various trips and experiences that will suite every taste.
Fundo El Retorno Bed & Breakfast, Kilometro 138 Panamericana Sur, San Luis de Canete, Lima, Peru
General amenities
 fully equipped common kitchen
 summer garden
 summer terrace/patio
 pets are not admitted
 entirely non-smoking
 smoking is allowed only outside
 children are welcome
 off-street parking
 working farm
 quiet surroundings
Room amenities
 en-suite bathroom
Nearby amenities/activities
 sun bathing
Payment types
 Wire Transfer
Location map
An interview with the innkeeper(s) of Fundo El Retorno Bed & Breakfast (24th of November 2009)
What is(are) your name(s)?
E. Antenor Chocano
For how long have you been running a B&B?
We have just started our B&B
Please share something about the history of your present bed and breakfast.
Well this property was planned as an avocado plantation. It was part of a larger one that belonged to my family since 1910 but was expropriated by the government in 1973. I returned in 1966 and bought a little part to initiate my project. At the first moment we did not plan to make a B&B place, but after these past years we decided to share this magnificent experience, (living in contact with nature), with friends from all over the world.
What are the unique characteristics of your B&B?
The house is constructed in a very rustic way, because we don't want to loose this characteristic. The unique thing that this B&B offers is that you will live 3 days without, telephone, internet or anything that will distract you from this experience. It doesn't means that in an emergency you can't go to the nearest town, (about 6 kilometers away), and get all this facilities. Our visitors don't have to worry about anything, all dinners, house keeping, towels, etc, will be provided by us, so you will be staying as our guests in our house.
Please describe in short your bed and breakfast and its general services and amenities.
The house is surrounded by gardens. The dining room is in the outside of the house in a terrace, we don't have library, bar, TV nor Internet because the idea is to enjoy unspoiled nature in a pleasant way. We have a living room for those who want to stay inside the house and also a terrace with comfortable furniture so you can rest near the garden. A pool is not necessary because if you want we cant take you to a near beach.
How many rooms are offered at your B&B and what is its maximum capacity?
We have 2 rooms with 4 beds in each, but if it is necessary we can arrange 1 more room with 2 beds. Each room has its private bathroom and shower.
What kinds of rooms do you offer?
Our 2 rooms are the normal type of 4 meters by 4. They have 2 bunk beds, which make 4 beds in each room. The bathroom are private and have their own shower. The extra room that we can provide only in case the group exceeds 8 people, has 2 beds with its own bathroom.
Please describe the in-room facilities for each type of room in your B&B.
Its a rustic house so it doesn't have plenty of facilities. We don't have TV, Internet, Telephone, but in case of emergency you get these facilities in the town that it is 6 kilometers far. Heating and air-conditioning are not necessary. If you want to prepare tea or coffee - you may do so for free until a decent time in the night. Ironing facilities could be provided if necessary. You must realize that the idea is to live in harmony with nature and in a relaxed way.
What do the room rates include?
The rate includes picking you up form Lima or at the Airport if you are just coming to our B&B, and the return to Lima. Also includes breakfast, lunch, dinner of all the 3 days package. Also the transportation to the cities we offer in our tour. We do not include, insurance, internet, fax.
Do you offer any special packages?
Yes, you must go to our website were are published all special packages.
What may guests expect from a typical breakfast at your property?
The typical breakfast includes Fruit juice, scrambled eggs, bread, butter, jam, "tamales", coffee or tea and milk. If the guest wishes something special, one must ask for it at the moment of the reservation so we can settle the cost.
When and where is breakfast served?
Breakfast starts at 8 AM, in the dining room located outside the house, near the garden. Early breakfast is provided, if guests request it the night before.
Are dietary needs accommodated?
After having the requirement of the guest we could try to attend it. Of course it will have a cost which we will settle at the moment it is required.
Do you serve other meals?
Well visiting our web you might see all the meals we serve. In our 3 day 2 night package we offer all meals included in the price. We also give you a welcome cocktail made of our traditional pisco.
Are there cooking facilities, which guests may use?
Yes we have a kitchenette in the main house that can be used. Also a fridge in the common area that could be used by all guests.
Is your bed and breakfast suitable for children?
Yes children are welcome. But for babies up to 1 year of age you must be advised that there are not much facilities for them.
Do you accept pets?
No, sorry.
What is your smoking policy?
You can smoke everywhere outside the house, inside the house we do not accept smoking.
Is there a parking facility on premises or nearby?
Yes, if you want to arrive by car there are parking facilities.
Is your B&B suitable for disabled guests?
Well our B&B is in the country in a work farm that is conceive as a rustic house. All rooms and facilities are located on the ground floor.
What is your check-in/check-out policy?
Once again, we offer a 3 days 2 night package, and we bring and return our guests in our mobility, so there is no checking-in/check-out policy. Remember you are in our house as visitors and everything is susceptible of arrangements
Are there a minimum number of nights for staying at your B&B?
Yes the package is of 3 days and 2 nights
How can guests check availability and make a reservation?
You may contact us by email or by visiting our website. You will also have to make a down payment for your reservation.
What is you cancellation policy?
You could cancel your reservation up to 10 days before arrival and we will return your payment.
What types of payment do you accept?
Cash and wire transfers.
Is there a special etiquette that guests should know about and comply with?
As you are in the country there is no dress code. You are totally free to dress as you wish.
Please tell us what things guests might enjoy visiting, seeing, doing, etc. in your area.
Where is your B&B located and how it may be reached?
The B&B is in the Panamericana Sur Highway in 138 Kilometer. Because we are offering a full 3 days and 2 nights package in which is included the transportation, it is not necessary for our guest worry about the way they can reach us.
What would you say to people who have never stayed in a bed and breakfast?
You are staying in my own house, so your will be attend by my wife and myself, not in a hotel. The idea is that you will have a relaxed vacation in a warm farm house and enjoying nature.
Is there something more that you want to share about your property?
Yes, remember always that this B&B is not n hotel, but is is a super warm farm house attended by its owners who will be delighted to have you as their guest.
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