Vei Lou Queri Bed & Breakfast, 3 route du Geay, 23220 Moutier Malcard, Creuse, Limousin, France
Vei Lou Queri Bed & Breakfast 
3 route du Geay, 23220 Moutier Malcard, Creuse, Limousin, France
 Phone: +33 5 55806608, +33 6 83239569
 Innkeeper: Corrie and Ron de Hoog
 Rates per room start from: 59 EUR
 Breakfast type: assorted breakfast
 Breakfast time: 08:00 - 09:30
 Breakfast is served: in the dining room or in the garden
Vei Lou Queri is a lovely countryside bed and breakfast in Moutier-Malcard located in the Creuse department in the center of France. It is a place full of character and charm, which reflects the hospitable nature of its hosts, who are keen travellers and have created a romantic escape for everyone who appreciates the unspoilt beauty and peacefulness of countryside life. Vei Lou Queri B&B occupies a 150-year old building, rebuilt in 1967 and fully refurbished in 2003. It has 5 tastefully decorated en-suite rooms, guest room and a library. The house is set on 3500 sq.m. of private land with plenty of very old trees, enclosed orchard and cosy nooks for outdoor relaxation.
Vei Lou Queri Bed & Breakfast, 3 route du Geay, 23220 Moutier Malcard, Creuse, Limousin, FranceVei Lou Queri Bed & Breakfast, 3 route du Geay, 23220 Moutier Malcard, Creuse, Limousin, FranceVei Lou Queri Bed & Breakfast, 3 route du Geay, 23220 Moutier Malcard, Creuse, Limousin, FranceVei Lou Queri Bed & Breakfast, 3 route du Geay, 23220 Moutier Malcard, Creuse, Limousin, FranceVei Lou Queri Bed & Breakfast, 3 route du Geay, 23220 Moutier Malcard, Creuse, Limousin, FranceVei Lou Queri Bed & Breakfast, 3 route du Geay, 23220 Moutier Malcard, Creuse, Limousin, FranceVei Lou Queri Bed & Breakfast, 3 route du Geay, 23220 Moutier Malcard, Creuse, Limousin, FranceVei Lou Queri Bed & Breakfast, 3 route du Geay, 23220 Moutier Malcard, Creuse, Limousin, France
General amenities
 common dining room
 summer garden
 summer terrace/patio
 Wi-Fi internet
 quiet/board games
 guests' lounge
 pets are admitted
 pets living on premises
 entirely non-smoking
 smoking is allowed only outside
 children are welcome
 not suitable for physically challenged guests
 off-street parking
 quiet surroundings
Room amenities
 seating area
 en-suite bathroom
Nearby amenities/activities
 sun bathing
 historic sites
 cultural events
Payment types
 Wire Transfer
Location map
An interview with the innkeeper(s) of Vei Lou Queri Bed & Breakfast (27th of May 2010)
What is(are) your name(s)?
Corrie and Ron de Hoog
For how long have you been running a B&B?
Seven years
Please share something about the history of your present bed and breakfast.
Our house is the former home and practice of a veterinary surgeon. It is more than 150 years old, was thoroughly rebuilt by the former owners in 1967 and in 2002/2003 was refurbished to meet our own needs. The adjoining small farm house is even older. It was love at first sight when we saw the property for the first time in 2001. In the spring of 2002 we said goodbye to our life in Holland to start a new one in France. Not because we were unhappy or dissatisfied, but because we did not want to have regrets at a later stage for not having realized our plans, or just left it too late. To make our dreams come true, choices had to be made. So, a job was given up, a company wound up, properties sold. In 2001 we bought - after a lot of thought - our beautiful home in an equally beautiful spot. Still young enough to start new activities, and because we still had to earn our living, we started our French B&B in 2003, officially. We wanted a more quiet, natural and relaxed way of living, without the stress of a demanding and urbanized Holland. So it became a B&B, although the profession of host and hostess was new to us as well. It seemed (and proved to be) a really satisfying occupation when you bear in mind that it matches our wishes and hobbies perfectly.
What are the unique characteristics of your B&B?
Based on your guests' opinions, what feature of your B&B has made their stay special?
I just received this e-mail: "Thank you Corrie and Ron for opening your beautiful home to 12 Welsh bikers. We all thoroughly enjoyed our stay and were so sad to leave such a lovely place. Our rooms were very comfortable and clean and your meals were 'magnifique'. Chris and 11 other bikers" And how about this one from Australia: "Thank you so much for a lovely stay at our charming and comfortable home. Our room was lovely and your breakfast superb. We feel rested and ready for the road. God bless you both."
Please describe in short your bed and breakfast and its general services and amenities.
How many rooms are offered at your B&B and what is its maximum capacity?
Room Verte: 2-3 guests. Room Betete: 2 guests. Room Bleue: 2 guests. Room Rouge: 2-4 guests. Room Yellow: 3 guests. Family room: 4 guests.
What kinds of rooms do you offer?
All guest rooms are decorated with taste and have their own style. Room Verte - south American/Spanish style. Room Betete is rustic. Room Bleue is romantic. Room Rouge is a colorful red. Room Yellow is Oriental yeallow. The family room consists of 1 room with a double bed, 1 room with two beds and shared bathroom.
Please describe the in-room facilities for each type of room in your B&B.
Each room has a private bathroom with shower and toilet, same tiles but in different colours. White with yellow, red, blue or green. All rooms have central heating.
Do you offer any special packages?
Our house is ideally located for all kinds of activities such as walking, cycling, mountain biking and playing golf. For those practicing these activities, we propose special holidays with a theme.
What may guests expect from a typical breakfast at your property?
An assorted breakfast with 3 kinds of bread (croissants, baguette and brown bread), homemade jam and marmalade, Dutch breakfast specialties as 'pindakaas' and 'hagelslag', fresh orange juice, coffee, tea, milk or chocolate milk, cheese, eggs (if our chicken pond well), etc.
When and where is breakfast served?
Breakfast is normally served from 08.00 till 09.30 hrs in the dining room or in the garden when it's possible.
Are dietary needs accommodated?
If possible, we take clients wishes into account, such as vegetarian food, special diets and when there is something you really do not like.
Do you serve other meals?
We only serve evening meals and only to our own guests (and when we do not have other engagements ourselves of course). But, we are not a restaurant, open to everybody. As a consequence you cannot choose from the menu, but are obliged to accept what has been prepared. However, you need to tell us - at breakfast at the latest - if you want to have dinner with us. Packed lunches are available.
Are there cooking facilities, which guests may use?
Drinks and soft drinks are available from a fridge in the dining room. Other drinks and tea and coffee can be served on demand.
Is your bed and breakfast suitable for children?
Children are welcome if they like calm places with small animals etc.
Do you accept pets?
We only accept your pets if they are well trained and do not cause any trouble. Like our own dog, they are not allowed in any of the guest rooms. Since our garden is fenced in, they can wander around freely there. At night they have to stay with our dog or in the scullery. You are responsible for any damage caused by them to our belongings or those of our guests. We ask 5 euros per night.
What is your smoking policy?
Both the main house as the holiday cottage are strictly non smoking. People can go and smoke outside, using an ashtray.
Is there a parking facility on premises or nearby?
There are parking facilities on the court yard.
Is your B&B suitable for disabled guests?
Sorry, our B&B is not suitable.
What safety precautions are provided at your B&B?
We have smoke, carbon monoxide and fire alarms. Our dog is the burglar alarm.
What is your check-in/check-out policy?
When guests have dinner with us, we prefer if they check in before 7 p.m.
Are there a minimum number of nights for staying at your B&B?
During high season we only accept bookings as off 2 nights.
How can guests check availability and make a reservation?
We advise guests to check availability by phone or by e-mail. Reservations can be made by phone, e-mail or the booking form on the website. To confirm any reservation, we ask for a deposit of 25% of the price of the total stay, with a minimum of the price for one night per room.
What is you cancellation policy?
What types of payment do you accept?
Payments can only be made in cash or French cheques or by remittance to our Dutch bank account (in advance). We do not accept credit cards.
Is there a special etiquette that guests should know about and comply with?
We like it if all guests, from all nationalities, feel themselves at home and comfortable of course. So that means also no shorts etc. at dinner, no topless sun bathing in the garden.
Please tell us what things guests might enjoy visiting, seeing, doing, etc. in your area.
The Creuse is a mirror of unspoilt nature: a variety of landscapes, flora and fauna, special light, beautiful views, murmuring water and silence. But there is a lot of sightseeing to do as well. Romanesque churches, feudal castles, Gallo-Roman bridges, unusual villages, arts and crafts workshops and galleries. Vestiges of the local heritage (fountains, wash houses, crosses), all kinds of museums, arboretums, gardens and remarkable natural scenes. On our website we give you a summary. More information is available with us or you can read about it on the French pages of this site.
Where is your B&B located and how it may be reached?
What would you say to people who have never stayed in a bed and breakfast?
Is there something more that you want to share about your property?
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