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NEW FEATURES: Advertising at Bed & Breakfast World is easy and efficient. As the website is dedicated to presenting only bed and breakfast properties, it will help you reach new guests from all over the world in a simple and elegant way by presenting your property in great detail. Now, when you list your B&B in Bed & Breakfast World, it is not only placed in the location directory among the listings of other properties, but also it has its own individual page which includes the whole range of information and details for direct contact with you, the innkeeper:
Name, category and direct contact details of your B&B, including address, telephone, fax, toll-free and mobile number, names of innkeepers/managers/owners. There is also information about the type of breakfast, when and where it is served, the check-in and check-out hours as well as the lowest rate per room you offer.
Description of your B&B. It's a short general description written by the editors of Bed & Breakfast World based on information published on your official website and/or information you have sent to our email.
Up to 16 pictures of your B&B. The pictures are processed by the designers of Bed & Breakfast World. These may be pictures published on your website and/or pictures you have sent to our email.
General amenities and services provided at your B&B and available for all guests. It also includes some general guidelines about your policy regarding acceptance of pets, suitability for disabled guests, children facilities, smoking policy, etc.
In-room amenities. The list covers a large range of amenities such as entertainment (TV, DVD, etc.), communication (Wi-Fi, phone), comfort (heating, air conditioning), bathroom type and in-bathroom amenities, etc.
Activities and entertainment facilities that may be found nearby your B&B. As the possibilities for outdoor activities and entertainment may be virtually endless, we have chosen a large list of the most widespread forms of activities and entertainment.
Information about the different types of payment you accept, including the most widespread types of credit and debit cards. This information is also published based on information from your official website or received via the interview and/or via email.
Exact location of your B&B on the map. Guests may zoom in or zoom out the map as to understand better where the property is located. Usually a correct address is enough to determine the exact location of your B&B on the map.
Interview. Though it is not obligatory, this is perhaps the most important part of your presentation. In the interview you answer several specific questions via an online form. These questions represent the most frequently asked questions by people who want to stay in a B&B. By answering those questions about your B&B you will provide crucial information that will help the traveller to choose your property as a place to stay. You may choose which questions to answer and only those with answers will be published.
To get an idea of how the individual page of your B&B will look like you can view some real examples from our website given below:

 Baan Pra Nond Bed & Breakfast, Bangkok, Thailand
 Willowbrook Bed & Breakfast and Cottages, Queenstown, New Zealand
 Acacias Bed & Breakfast, Quebec, Canada
 Chateau Ribagnac Bed & Breakfast, St. Martin Terressus, France
 Casa Parsons Bed & Breakfast, Santa Cruz, Portugal
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