Frequently asked questions

What is a bed and breakfast?

If you ask a bed and breakfast owner - it is passion. If you ask a guest - staying at B&Bs is something they will always remember with pleasure. Moreover, there are no two bed and breakfast properties that are alike, which makes staying in each one of them a unique experience. This type of accommodation is getting more and more admirers around the world, who prefer warm unobtrusive attention, home-like environment, homemade breakfast, friendly attitude and profound knowledge about what to see and do even in the most remote place in the world.

How can I find a bed and breakfast on your website?

You have to browse our directory of locations starting from the list with countries on our home page.

How can I contact a bed and breakfast I like?

You can contact the bed and breakfast owner directly by dialing one of the phone numbers we publish (land line, toll free, mobile), send a direct fax/email or go straightly to the official website of the B&B you like.

Can I make an online booking via

No. We are not a travel agent and we do not accept bookings online. We provide direct contact with the bed and breakfast owner via official phone, fax, email, and website of the B&B.

Is the information about a bed and breakfast reliable?

All information about B&B properties on the website is directly provided by the owner of the property. We aim to keep all contact details up-to-date and accurate.

Does a B&B mean that I will stay in someone’s home?

Yes, usually this is the case. Though in more and more bed and breakfast establishments, proprietors live off the premises.

What types of breakfasts are served?

Usually are served full, special and continental types of breakfast. Full breakfast means that there are several courses of cooked meals, each of which more sumptuous and tempting. Special breakfast is prepared after special recipes with special ingredients. It is usually a unique dish. Continental breakfast is suitable for the lighter appetite and consists of toasts, fruit, juices, tea, coffee, cereal. A large part of B&B properties cater to special dietary needs as well.

What about the bathroom?

Contemporary bed and breakfasts offer a private or en-suite (in the room) bathroom for each guest room they offer. There are still cases when guests from two rooms have to share one bathroom. This is called guest share and as a rule such rooms have really low rates.

What about the furnishing and facilities?

Usually bed and breakfasts provide unsurpassed comfort and all necessary amenities. It is very common nowadays to find a B&B with luxurious furnishing of original antiques (remarkably restored and comfy) and WI-FI internet facilities, satellite television, etc. Of course in general furnishing and facilities vary according to the bed and breakfast rating. Owners aim to offer the best possible quality they can as well as the best possible personal attention.

What does the star rating mean?

The star rating for a bed and breakfast shows in general the extent of quality, comfort, hospitality in a property. From one to five stars can be assigned. Please note that in different countries work different organizations that categorize the bed and breakfast establishments and assign stars, diamonds, suns and other symbols for B&B excellence. Therefore a five star rating in the USA might be different from a five-star rating in New Zealand for example. It is very often that a bed and breakfast is not assigned stars. This does not mean that it is not a quality property.

I am a B&B owner. How can I register my bed and breakfast in your catalog?

If you own/run a bed and breakfast property anywhere in the world that is not already listed on, you can apply for registration. To do so, please send your details via our contact form.

What will be included in my bed and breakfast listing?

Your bed and breakfast will be presented with its official name, star rating, address, land line/toll-free/mobile/fax number, proprietor/manager name, direct link to its official website, detailed description, and a picture.

Is it possible to register my property in more than one location?

All bed and breakfast properties are registered under the location they really belong to. There is a special area field that shows the closest big city or important area, to which your B&B belongs.

My B&B is already a member. How can I update its details?

Please use the Contact Us form on our website to send all details that have to be updated, including pictures.

How can I remove my property from your website?

All you have to do is use the Contact Us form on our website and send a request explicitly stating the name, location, website and email of the bed and breakfast you want to remove.
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