Bed & Breakfast in Maratea, Basilicata, Italy
Bed & Breakfast Laino
Bed & Breakfast Laino 
Via Rasi 4c, 85046 Maratea, Potenza
+39 0973 876506, +39 328 9757216, +39 0973 876506
Innkeeper: Giovanni Laino
Bed & Breakfast Laino is located in the historic town of Maratea in the Potenza community. Besides a fascinating historic center with numerous interesting monuments, Maratea is remarkable for the dramatic beauty of coastline that has preserved its non-mass tourism appeal. Bed & Breakfast Laino enjoys strategic position perched on the high hills of the town and embraced by the mountain. From this charming house guests will swoon at the outstanding views of the bay and the sea. Clean and comfortable, the guest rooms provide all necessary facilities for restful and enjoyable stay, enhanced by the swimming pool and the picturesque private garden.
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